Sylvester Igboun leaves for FC Tula Arsenal?

The 28-year-old forward of the Ufa team intends to change the club. In conversation with SportExpress, he spoke about his future and so far the most tangible interest in moving to Tula. FC Arsenal Tula reportedly offered 1 million euros.

Sylvester Igboun played 6 Russian Premier League games this season and scored 2 goals during them. The Nigerian professional soccer (football) player has been part of FC Ufa since 2015. He spent overall 119 matches and scored 28 goals in all tournaments. His participating influenced the game results, that is why experts kept a close on him before betting at

As he told the press, he is still part of the Ufa team and is currently working with it. Igboun, who played with the nickname “Sly” on his T-Shirt, claims he has no injuries or other health problems.

Even if the transfer fails, what is the point in staying?

He has already spoken to the head of the club and the team coach. After four years at Ufa, Igboun decided that it’s high time to continue his career elsewhere. The energetic striker and attacking midfielder needs a new challenge and motivation.

According to rumors, he got offers from PFC CSKA Moscow, FC Arsenal Tula and unnamed Saudi Arabia club. He doesn’t want to comment or give any details. So far nothing has been decided, and Igboun told that personally he isn’t engaged in negotiations. He just tries to maintain a positive attitude and hope for the better.

“Sly” is eager to continue his career in Russia, cause he has been playing and living there for four years and loves Russian football, fans, stadiums.